Coors Banquet 30PKC


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Coors Banquet is an American-Style Lager and the result of tradition. One that can be traced back for generations. Only the finest ingredients are used to brew Coors Banquet. That’s been true since Adolph Coors brewed the first batch in 1873. When it comes to brewing, water matters. That’s why ours comes from the Rockies. It starts high in the mountains and flows all the way down to the Golden Brewery, where it becomes Coors Banquet beer. In 1936, Adolph Coors ll received a gift of Moravian Barley seeds that grow in what is now the Czech Republic. Those seeds were planted in an employee’s personal garden. To this day, all of the barley we use can be linked to that original variety. We only ferment Coors Banquet using the classic technique of closed horizontal box fermentation, which is done at cold temperatures. This plays a major role in giving Coors Banquet its distinctive banana characteristic. Our subtle blend of Chinook, Hallertau, Herkules and Taurus hops gives Coors Banquet just the perfect hint of bitterness to offset the malty sweetness. We also take steps to protect natural resources and reduce our eco footprint – like sharing spent grain with nearby farms for livestock feed.


30PK 12oz Cans