Miller Lite 12PKB


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Miller Lite is the original light beer that started brewing to have more taste and only 96 calories. We brew Miller Lite with high quality ingredients water, barely malt, yeast, hops, hops extract and corn syrup, based on a 155-year-old- Pilsner recipe. Miller Lite is brewed from high quality water sourced from deep, ancient aquifers, deep lakes, and cold springs to ensure consistent great taste. We use select crystal malt that has a slightly roasted and toasted coffee note and gives our beer the golden color you know and love. The Miller Lite yeast is descended from one Frederick Miller carried in his pocket from Germany in the 1850’s, and it’s never changed in the over 160 years that Miller Brewing has existed. Corn Syrup is used by many of your favorite brewers, and it gets consumed by the yeast during the fermentation process. Our hops are selectively chosen by our Brewmasters for the unique sensory properties that they bring, and our hop extracts are naturally extracted from whole hops and produced in-house. ABV 4.2%